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As a throwback to my first Katie's Shenanigans blog (from 2014! Before this "revamped" website), I decided to share some Disney memes I created that described some aspects of my college experience pretty well.

For kicks & giggles, here are some of those memes for your enjoyment!

If you can relate, let me know below in the comments, & share this post with your friends!

When you only get so much sleep during college.......

EVERY chance that you can close your eyes is so precious.....We ALL know this feeling.

Best feeling ever, amiright?

A glorious moment, tis true!

"That's right. I did that!"

This only happens so often, so you just gotta embrace it! Who cares if you're scarfin'!

Y'all...we've waited long enough for decent food.

If only boys would stare at me like my homework does...

Thanks, wind.

You the real MVP (not).

And there you have it! I hope you all have a blessed semester! You rock those grades like that little monkey from Tarzan, yeah?! Unlike the wind, y'all are the real MVP's!



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